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One Sunday of the Easter season is named “Good Shepherd Sunday.” It remind me of the children’s game, “Follow the leader.” Do you remember trying to keep up when the person out front did a variety of actions? Everything we were asked to do, the person out front had already done

Jesus as the “good shepherd” is a little like that childhood leader, calling us to repeat the pattern of his life. It centred on a daily relationship with his God and Father, a willingness to pass on the mercy and forgiveness that God offered, and a willingness to get involved in all the details of ordinary life. As we read the four gospels in the New Testament we get a picture of man of compassion, a man who noticed the people disconnected from the community, a man who wept for those who turned away from the love of God. That’s the kind of shepherd / leader who invites us to come close and to walk in the way he walked.

There are lots of leaders in the world who have other purposes for followers, leaders who aren’t wise, leaders who aren’t looking out for our best interests. “Good Shepherd Sunday” reminds us to pay attention to the people we are following and the way we are walking. If we’re going the wrong direction, U-turns are allowed!

May you know the presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd in your life this day.

Pastor Susan

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